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CAD Conversion

CAD Conversion Services

Welcome to CADConversion.org. We deliver high quality CAD Conversion Services to help convert paper, pdf and scan based drawings to accurate and editable CAD drawings.

cad conversion services

The CAD Conversion Services we deliver provide you with CAD drawings that can be opened / edited in your CAD software (which can use dwg/dxf formats) as you would to any originally drafted cad drawings. This is simply because we manually re-draft in cad all conversions with reference to the original hard-copy or raster based drawings.

High Quality CAD Conversion Services


Each CAD conversion requirement handled by us are catered to by experienced and quality conscious cad engineers. Each converted drawing goes through extensive checks for the conversion accuracy and quality before being delivered.

Providing CAD Conversion services globally since 1995, our CAD Conversion team has the confidence and skills required to handle drawings from all engineering streams (including but not limited to Architectural, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Structural, Fabrication, Ship Building, etc.)

No project is too small (or too big) for us and we welcome orders of all sizes. Our flexible capacity allows you to order conversions for quantities ranging from a few drawings to hundreds / thousands of drawings.

If you wish to check the quality first, we invite you for a FREE CAD Conversion trial (a small portion of your drawing will be converted at no-charge to help check our quality.) Just email your drawing to us and we will convert a portion of it for FREE!