March 13, 2015

Raster to Vector Conversion Services

Are you considering Raster to Vector for converting your Raster based drawings to editable CAD drawings?

Our Raster to Vector Conversion service starts where other Automatic Raster to Vector software’s fail. The core strength of our cad conversion services comes from the fact that all data/drawings are manually re-drafted by our engineers.
Automated raster to vector tools provide broken and imperfect CAD data, while re-drafting of the raster drawings in CAD gives you accurate and perfect cad drawing, free from the defects noticed in automated raster to vector conversions.

With over 15 years of experience in this service we have the capability to handle Raster to CAD requirements for all types of drawings. Whichever trade you may belong to (Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc.) you can be sure that we have all capabilities to convert your scanned / raster based drawings to perfect cad drawings.

Our capacity is no limitation for the size of your requirements. All orders ranging from thousands of drawings to a single drawing are giving the same amount of attention and importance. Do not hesitate to contact us for the largest to the smallest of requirements.

As a special offer, we provide a FREE Sample Raster to CAD Conversion.  Email your raster drawing to us and we will convert a portion of it FREE to help check the quality if our services.


Order a Raster to Vector Conversion!